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Best DA Sanders in 2018 – Top 5 Dual Action Sander for 2018

DA sanders, also known as “dual-action sanders” or “orbital sanders”, are power tools that help make surfaces smoother. DA sanders come in many different shapes and sizes and can work to polish wood, aluminum and metal. They can be used to sand items on a tabletop or bench, or directly on an application such as […]

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9 Best Track Saws in 2018 – Top List in The Market

When it comes to making cuts, having the right saw can make all the difference. While there are many high-quality saws out there, one of the most reliable and precision options you can find is a track saw. If you’re not familiar with track saws, they are much better at creating precise cuts and lines, […]

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Best Chainsaw Mill in 2018: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Looking for the best way to turn logs into lumber? You will need a new chainsaw mill, as well as the right chainsaw and somebody to assist you, to help you convert a chopped-down tree into wood that you can use for housing, furniture and much more.A chainsaw mill is a kind of sawmill that […]

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The Best Detail Sanders for 2018 (Tested & Reviewed)

For many contractors, sanding is typically the most tedious task they will face on a weekly or daily basis. Detail sanding doubly much so. Some find this monotony relaxing in a way, but tedious it is nonetheless. With the right tools, however, sanding tasks can go by much faster and with much less of a […]

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The Best Power Sheet Sanders for 2018 (Tested & Reviewed)

Sanding is either loved or hated by those who find themselves faced with the task. Regardless of your personal opinion on the subject, there is no denying that using the right sander for your job makes the tasks faster as well as leads to better results. Power sheet sanders, or finish sanders, are tasked to […]

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The Best Table Saw (Hybrid & Portable) for Home & Jobsite Use

Ask any serious hobbyist or professional woodworker and they will tell you that their table saw is the most important tool in their shop. Often considered the beating heart of any home shop or high-end woodworking shop, the table saw often occupies the most prominent position and has the most space dedicated to it.For those […]

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