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Best DA Sanders in 2018 – Top 5 Dual Action Sander for 2018

DA sanders, also known as “dual-action sanders” or “orbital sanders”, are power tools that help make surfaces smoother. DA sanders come in many different shapes and sizes and can work to polish wood, aluminum and metal. They can be used to sand items on a tabletop or bench, or directly on an application such as […]

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The Best Detail Sanders for 2018 (Tested & Reviewed)

For many contractors, sanding is typically the most tedious task they will face on a weekly or daily basis. Detail sanding doubly much so. Some find this monotony relaxing in a way, but tedious it is nonetheless. With the right tools, however, sanding tasks can go by much faster and with much less of a […]

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The Best Power Sheet Sanders for 2018 (Tested & Reviewed)

Sanding is either loved or hated by those who find themselves faced with the task. Regardless of your personal opinion on the subject, there is no denying that using the right sander for your job makes the tasks faster as well as leads to better results. Power sheet sanders, or finish sanders, are tasked to […]

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Best Drum Sanders in 2018 – Top 5 Models Reviewed & Compared

Whether you’re a professional woodworker or an avid hobbyist, it’s crucial that you have all of the tools and equipment at your disposal to get the job done. There are many pieces necessary for woodworking, but one of the most powerful and versatile is the drum sander.These machines are designed to provide a smooth, even […]

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Best Random Orbital Sanders of 2018 – Experts Guide & Reviews

What is a Random Orbital Sander?Random orbital sanders are hand-sized power tools that combine the speed and cutting power of belt sanders with the ability to produce a finer finish than slow-speed orbital sanders. A random orbital sander spins the sanding disk at the same time that it is moving in small ellipses. By ensuring […]

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The Best Spindle Sander in 2018 – Top Models Reviewed

As a woodworker, you need a variety of tools to ensure that you can make all of your products to the specifications you require. Power sanders are one of the most essential pieces you can have as they allow you to smooth edges and make finished parts that are both safe and reliable.One of the […]

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