Toolpull.Com, A Source You Can Trust! Founder

Like you, most of us here started with small but recurring thoughts:

“What is the ideal woodworking toolset I should have?”

“Which brand make the best tools in the industry?”

“Why the tools industry is full of useless tools?”

“I wonder if DIY tools become more affordable so everyone can have access to best tools to make the life easier!”

When we have the same thoughts, we wanted to solve some of the queries. We started testing tools to help fellow DIYers’ so they can get to the list and go for the perfect toolset.

We Do The Test, So You Don’t Need To

At ToolPull, our goal is to help you become more self-sufficient by providing you with not only the best but also trustable guides and inspiration created by the best DIYers available.

Sure, the journey to self-sufficiency is not an easy one. There will be trials and errors with a lot of dirt and dust. You will experience many successes and failures along the way. It’s a long and winding road.

Sean J. Stone